Rent Haute Stacker

Are you an event planner who wants to create an extraordinary experience for your clients?  Haute Stacker can help you make a statement by stacking doughnuts, cakes, sandwiches and more!  Everyone know that elevating food is a classic strategy to impress your guests...that's why wedding cakes are vertical, it's why we put food on pedestal platters instead of directly on the table, and it's why we see cupcakes on tiered shelves.  Now it's possible to create towers of beautiful food and can even suspend them!  And, serving with Haute Stacker is a cinch...simply slide each stacker plate off the top when it's time to serve.  No need to cut or re-plate.

You can rent a 10-Pack Haute Stacker kit that serves 80 guests for only $195...and, for a limited time, we're offering FREE rental! (ask for details)

Email to inquire about renting Haute Stacker for you next event!

Below is just one way we used Haute Stacker to create a beautiful wedding dessert display.