The First Haute Stacker Commercial

 We're hoping to launch Haute Stacker this October! 

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Haute Stacker Doughnut Donut Tower

A couple months ago I hired a fantastic local videographer, Nate Gasaway from Goswen Visual Marketing, to create my commercials for Haute Stacker.  Holy Cow! He's AMAZING!  I'm just starting to get some of the preliminary commercials back and couldn't be more happy about how this first one turned out! 

Nate filmed a couple videos for The Cordial Cherry several years ago, and I was so impressed that I knew I wanted him to help me share Haute Stacker with the world.  It's been a TON of fun to talk through my vision with Nate and then watch him bring all my ideas together.  

For this first commercial, I asked Nate to create a short video that shows people how Haute Stacker actually works.  I wanted everyone to see how you can take simple, homemade or store-bought, doughnuts, decorate with frosting or ribbon (or not), and create a beautiful tower with ease.  

I think Nate hit it spot on!  You can see me decorating with white chocolate swirls and store-bought edible flowers and very easily sliding each stacker plate onto the Haute Stacker rod...EASY PEASY!!!

You could get super creative with this design, by using frosting to glue on all sorts of edible decorations...or tying on different ribbons and bows.  Try mixing up the doughnuts to include frosted or topped varieties. And, of course you can always swap out the pedestal or switch the topper out for something fancier.

As cool as this video is, I can't wait to share my "ballet commercial" with you!  I told Nate that I wanted to create the elegant and sophisticated version of that hot chocolate scene from Polar Express...and Oh My Goodness!  The ballet dancers were stunning, the music makes you feel like dancing, and the space Nate picked to film in was perfect...I'm calling it, "Industrial Grace."  Hopefully, we'll be able to share that commercial the same same time we head to NEW YORK CITY to show the world what's been brewing in little Omaha, Ne. :)

I want to thank everyone for being so patient as I get Haute Stacker to market.  There have been quite a few unanticipated obstacles along the way, which have delayed my goals, but I'm so close now! 

We're on track to start taking pre-orders the first week of October so watch your inbox for your notification!'s off to NYC to meet with event planners all over the world!  I'll be road-tripping it and posting on social media and blogging the whole adventure...gonna be a LONG drive...eeek!

Finally, I'm hoping our official launch will be toward the end of October...just in time for all of your holiday parties!  Fyi...these would make PERFECT Christmas gifts for those people you know who love to entertain...just sayin.

Until next time...feel free to start telling your friends and family about Haute Stacker! And, if you notice a Facebook or Google ad...please share and comment and encourage your friends and family to follow Haute Stacker on social media and sign up for the Haute Stacker newsletter!

Bye for now and more to come soon!

Sign up below if you'd like an invitation to know when

Haute Stacker becomes available!

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  • The stacked up bagels etc. look so beautiful but how do guests remove them to eat them?


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