Making Progress on the Haute Stacker

While it's been nearly two years since I first dreamed up the concept of the Haute Stacker, I feel like the journey has just begun.  So, I thought I'd share a little about some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that most people never see when a new product is being developed.  In this last couple weeks there's been much progress and TONS more learning! 

The Launch Video:

I met with Nate Gasaway from Goswen, a video marketing company here in Omaha.  Nate did a FANTASTIC job on the videos he created for The Cordial Cherry and so there was no question about who I would be recruiting to handle the video production for my Haute Stacker launch commercial.  

The meeting with Nate was so much fun...I had already talked to him about my idea of incorporating ballet dancers and beautiful music to demonstrate all the amazing things that Haute Stacker can do.  He LOVED the idea and at our meeting I got to meet one of the beautiful ballet dancers and talk about some of the choreography that will be used to assemble an elegant wedding cake stacker display.  I'm so excited for this video!  If you've seen the movie, Polar Express, do you remember the hot chocolate scene where the chefs come out dancing to music and serving hot chocolate in the most magical way?  Well...this is the kind of magic that I'm hoping Nate will be able to conjure up in our Haute Stacker launch's going to be truly spectacular...I just know it!

The Logo:

I hired my daughter (an animation student in NYC at one of the world's best animation schools) to help me with my logo awhile ago.  She took my request for an abstract version of the Haute Stacker and created this...I LOVE it!

Haute Stacker logo doughnut cake pastry tower

And, recently, I asked her to create another version that included the Haute Stacker name and's what she came up with...I really love it!

Haute Stacker logo doughnut cake pastry tower


The Manufacturing:

The bulk of the last year has been spent collaborating with my manufacturer and engineer and patent attorney about construction, functionality, materials, cost, etc.  I have LOTS of meetings to work through all the details of each element of the Haute Stacker as well as future accessory pieces.  A couple days ago, I got word that one of the plastic injection molds was completed and ready to be tested!  I was so there precious design being molded and expelled with a HUGE injection molding machine...  These four engineers all involved in the calibration and problem-solving of the process.  

I was hopeful that the first run through of production would be flawless, however, there were a couple issues, which is to be expected.  But, WOW!  What a neat feeling to see my idea being made....sigh  So, it will probably take a couple more weeks now to work out the kinks, but progress is being made.

 Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastry wedding tower
Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastry wedding tower
Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastry wedding tower
Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastry wedding tower


The Social Media:

Social media...what a CRAZY thing!  There are countless tutorials on how to increase your followers, how to maximize your ads, photography tips, the list goes on and on.  As an artist, most of the time I just want to do my art...but I accept that it's not enough to just do my art if I hope to sell it.  Artists these days have lots of competition, and they need to be just as savvy at social media as they are skilled in their art.  It's definitely a learning curve and HUGE challenge, but I'm up for it!  So please help me out by following Haute Stacker on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest...thank you! :)

The Marketing Strategy:

So, I've hired a publicist, Lauren Hathaway of Hathaway Creative.  She's going to help me get some local and national attention in various publications.  I'm also working with a small sales team to develop our strategy to reach potential buyers.  I'm planning my Kickstarter campaign for July and then maybe even apply to Shark Tank in September!  And, finally, there are some national and international trade shows that I'll be exhibiting at over the next several months...exciting stuff!

I've identified my target buyer if anyone knows someone in any of these arenas, please share Haute Stacker with them (please and thank you). 

1. So, of course, I think people like you and me will LOVE Haute that's anyone who enjoys creating beautiful displays for their friends and family.  Haute Stacker is perfect for birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and entertaining dinner guests.  

2. I think event planners and wedding planners, will definitely want to incorporate Haute Stacker into their scope of tools.  With the ability to create grand and beautiful towers of doughnuts, pastries, cakes, sandwiches, etc Haute Stacker is a must-have for every event planner, especially those event planners who are on the lookout for something new and innovative.

3. Caterers are another group who I think will definitely be interested in Haute Stacker.  The stability and versatility that Haute Stacker presents, coupled with the capability of suspending food from chandeliers or ceilings makes Haute Stacker a very valuable display and serving piece for caterers.  

4. And, finally, my last major buyer demographic is pastry shop or bakery owners and possibly restaurant owners.  With the vast majority of cakes, doughnuts, and pastries being displayed on boring horizontal trays, I think those shop owners who can think more vertical can acquire a real advantage over their competitors in terms of their overall customer experience.  Can you imagine walking in to a bakery or doughnut shop and seeing towers of sweets on beautiful pedestals?  If you know a pastry, cake, or doughnut shop owner, please tell them about Haute Stacker :)

We would love your support in helping us launch Haute Stacker...

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