Now You Can Dance with Your Cake

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I've been dreaming up this commercial for more than a year now.  I wanted to tell the story of Haute Stacker, but I wanted to tell it the way I see Haute Stacker in my MY mind, so that everyone else can see my vision and the full potential of this product. When I think about Haute Stacker I recognize it as a dichotomy of is both elegant and bold, beautiful and sturdy, feminine and durable, simple and yet versatile.  These descriptors are often used to describe ballet dancers...their grace and beauty is achievable through strength and focus...seemingly contrasting features. 

I could list all of the amazing things that Haute Stacker can do and be, but a bullet point list of features is not generally captivating.  I wanted to SHOW everyone how Haute Stacker allows you to create cake and doughnut displays never before achievable.  I admit that most people probably aren't staying up late at night trying to figure out how to suspend doughnuts from a chandelier...but for those who do...there's a way now! 

While its very trendy to stack doughnuts on paper towel holders...this look is very casual and often results in a sticky mess.  And, doughnut walls are super fun, but for someone looking for an more sophisticated doughnut or cake display, Haute Stacker is that solution. The Patent Pending dishwasher-safe stacker plates allow you to create simple or elaborate towers reaching up to 3 feet tall without the doughnuts or pastries touching each other.  In addition, the stacker plates can be used as serving plates, so there's no need to hassle with additional plates!

The construction of each Haute Stacker unit is made from solid stainless steel and was built for commercial quality use.  The stacker plates are made of dishwasher-safe, highly durable polycarbonate.  Haute Stacker is designed and built to last for generations...creating beautiful memories for your family and friends year after year.

Included in my Patent Application are more than a dozen accessory pieces that we'll role out periodically, which will allow you to stack even more things!  You'll be able to stack bowls of mousse and potato salad, cakeballs and cakepops, strawberries and cheesballs...Haute Stacker was designed to be your most dramatic and versatile display server in you kitchen!  

The Haute Stacker Starter Kit will be available for Pre-Ordering on October 1st and will retail for $39.99.  I'll be sending out a reminder when pre-ordering begins including an exclusive discount code for those on the Haute Stacker list!  To sign up...just click below!


Sign up below to receive exclusive discounts

and TONS of ideas for your Haute Stacker!

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Mark Your Calendars:

October 1:  Pre-Ordering Begins

October 3: Haute Stacker is debuting in New York City!  I'm road-tripping to NYC to introduce Haute Stacker to the world!  

November 1: Haute Stacker Launch Event at The Cordial Cherry in Omaha, Ne. and the first Haute Stackers get shipped out!



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  • These are Gorgeous! Great idea,I too,love to stack and layer things,and these are beautiful! Also absolutely ADORE Joanna!


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