A No-Baking-Required Cake Tower

Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastries wedding tower wall art

Last weekend we had a great turnout for our Mother's Day Chocolate Buffet at The Cordial Cherry.  So many people came out to enjoy tasty chocolates and wine and to support my latest endeavor, Haute Stacker.  With only two prototypes to display, I couldn't show ALL the ways that Haute Stacker can be used, but I was able to at least discuss how it functions and how easily you can assemble a beautiful tower of doughnuts, cakes, cookies, pastries...anything really.  

Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastries wedding tower wall art

People have been stacking towers of cakes for a long time now...virtually every wedding cake is tiered.  I'm always impressed with the incredible artistry (and physics) that goes into creating such an elaborate display.  If you've ever watched a wedding cake get dismantled, you know what I mean about physics.  The construction supporting these grand cakes is impressive.  When I started developing my idea for Haute Stacker, it was certainly top-of-mind the kind of support systems currently available to wedding cake makers, event planners, caterers, and moms who want to create beautiful birthday cakes for their families.  While, initially, I wanted to simply be able to stack doughnuts into a tower without them getting each other sticky or crushing the ones near the bottom, I began to realize all the possibilities.  Haute Stacker can be used to display and serve towering wedding cakes, grand breakfasts, and beautiful pastries too!

Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastries wedding tower wall art

So, last weekend, I tried to give a small glimpse of the possibilities of Haute Stacker, by creating two towers.  One of them showed a simple doughnut tower, using donuts from Dunkin Donuts.  I frosted the sides of some donuts and sprinkled an assortment of candies and glitter, and a few of the donuts, I just tied a simple satin bow around them.  The result was elegant and simple.  This was such an easy doughnut tower to create.  Notice, that the Haute Stacker is sitting on top of a candle holder...you could set on top of almost anything to create a near infinite number of display options!

Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastries wedding tower wall art

For the second display, I wanted to show that you can suspend your Haute Stacker from all sorts of things.  In my case, I hung it from a chandelier to create a very fancy look.  For this one, there are three "cakes"...which are actually, you guessed it...doughnuts!  Again, these are the Old Fashioned donuts from Dunkin Donuts and I simply decorated them as you would any other cake.  For the top one, I frosted the donut with store-bought frosting (Betty Crocker's Whipped Frosting actually), and then wrapped the whole thing with rolled fondant.  I secured the fondant with a ribbon and bow...SIMPLE!  The other two "cakes" were just as easy... The next one was simply frosted and then coated with shredded coconut and finished with a bow.  And for the last one, I just pipped Betty Crocker's Whipped Frosting in little swirls and finished with round candies I found at Target.  

 Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastries wedding tower wall art

For this Haute Stacker display, I wanted to show that you can stack all kinds of things to create a beautiful dessert tower.  I bought some macarons from Whole Foods and Whisk and Measure (an adorable little bakery in Omaha, Ne), Lindt truffles, and Voortman's Wafer Cookies and spray painted them with an edible pearl metallic paint.  Anyone can do this...seriously.  I didn't actually "make" anything in this tower. 

Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastries wedding tower wall art Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastries wedding tower wall art Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastries wedding tower wall art  Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastries wedding tower wall art


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